EZShifa Partner With ACT

Aiming Change for Tomorrow (ACT), founded in 2012, focuses on empowering communities and self-development through collaboration with government and civil society. Its initiatives include social protection, women empowerment, youth engagement, and policy advocacy. ACT has achieved SDG performance milestones but requires continuous support and technical assistance.


EZShifa and ACT have collaborated on a key initiative focusing on women's empowerment, particularly in remote areas of Sindh and Punjab. Together, we aim to enhance accessibility and opportunities for women in these regions, breaking barriers and promoting gender equality. Through targeted programs and initiatives, we strive to empower women economically, socially, and politically, enabling them to actively participate in and contribute to their communities' development. With a shared commitment to fostering inclusive growth and addressing gender disparities, our collaborative efforts in women empowerment catalyze positive change and sustainable development in marginalized areas of Sindh and Punjab.