Digital Clinic (Apnaa Doctor)

EZShifa’s Digital Clinic (Apnaa Doctor) a telehealth kiosk is a self-contained unit that allows patients to access healthcare services remotely. These Kiosks can be placed in private rooms, offices, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, mosques, etc. providing convenient access to healthcare services for individuals who may not have easy access to a traditional healthcare setting.

EZShifa Digital Clinic (Apnaa Doctor) is equipped with multiple peripheral devices to measure patients’ vitals and transmit them in real time to doctors available online. In addition, these kiosks are equipped to provide screening and tracking for Hepatitis, Hypertension, and Diabetes.

EZShifa’s Digital Clinic (Apnaa Doctor) a telehealth kiosk have the potential to transform healthcare delivery in developing countries by increasing access to care, improving efficiency, and improving patient outcomes. They are a convenient and cost-effective way to deliver healthcare services to individuals who may not have easy access to traditional healthcare settings.

Benefits of Digital Clinic (Apnaa Doctor) – Telehealth Kiosk:

Increased access to care

Provide healthcare services in areas where traditional healthcare services may be limited or unavailable. This can improve access to care for individuals who live in rural or underserved areas.

Cost Savings

Reduced the need for expensive medical equipment and facilities, making healthcare services more affordable for both patients and healthcare providers.


Can be located in public spaces, making it more convenient for individuals to access healthcare services. This can reduce the need for individuals to take time off work or arrange for transportation to visit a healthcare provider.

Improved efficiency

Reduce wait times and enable healthcare providers to see more patients in a shorter amount of time. This can improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery and reduce costs.

Improved patient outcomes

This can provide access to medical devices and diagnostic tools that can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. This can lead to improved patient outcomes and better overall health.

EZShifa Digital Clinic – Apnaa Doctor Includes

Weight scale

Height scale


Pulse Oximeter

Blood Pressure Monitor

Prescription Printer

Headphone(For Consultation)

EZShifa Digital Clinic – Optional Devices

ECG – 6 Leads

Otoscope (For ENT)

Dermacare (For Skin)

Smart Stethoscope


The Functionality Of Digital Clinic.

EZShifa Digital Clinic offers a range of services to provide quality healthcare, increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery, and enhance the overall healthcare experience for patients and healthcare providers. Each Digital Clinic is manned by an attendant. When patient arrives, his information is added within our system and he is ready for consultation starting with vitals recording;

  • Once vitals are recorded by the attendant, they are transmitted to the doctor in real time for consultation.
  • Patients get connected with the doctor through video conferencing.
  • Consultation is done in private mode, and appropriate medication is prescribed.
  • Patients get printed prescriptions for the medicine.
  • Follow-ups are also available.