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A Complete Primary Healthcare System For Consultation, Diagnosis And Medication.

EZShifa is a Seattle based Health-Tech Company with a vision to provide Accessible, Affordable, and Quality Primary Healthcare for all. EZShifa offers a complete suite of products and services to ensure that we cover every aspect of Primary Healthcare and it's access to masses across the Globe.

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About EZShifa

EZShifa is a Seattle-based telehealth company with a vision to provide Accessible, Affordable, and Quality Primary Healthcare for all. EZShifa is the only telehealth company in Pakistan offering primary healthcare through Digital Clinics (kiosks). EZShifa provides a primary healthcare and telemedicine platform that shifts the paradigm from a patient coming to healthcare to healthcare coming to patients.

With its innovative AI healthcare technology and user-friendly interface, EZShifa provides patients with a platform that helps them connect with the best online video consultations with the best doctors in Pakistan. Our Digital Clinics provide a platform to consult with the best doctors from anywhere.

Unlike other telehealth companies in Pakistan, we provide telehealth or telemedicine facilities through our Digital Clinics that have inbuilt vital measuring tools to measure patients' vitals to get a clear picture of their medical condition. EZShifa provides real-time remote consultancy services to patients. We provide a seamless experience for both patients and telehealth providers. By visiting our digital telehealth clinic, patients are connected with the best remote doctors who provide complete assistance after their vital check.

EZShifa addresses the main issues of accessibility and affordability of primary healthcare by providing a platform that allows patients to connect with doctors remotely without travelling long distances. Whether you seek a routine checkup or specialist care, EZShifa has the best healthcare solution.

EZShifa is focused on providing quality telehealth services by cutting four main costs from healthcare services, i.e., consultation, diagnostic, medicine, and travelling, and making healthcare affordable and accessible for all.

EZShifa is a game-changer in the healthcare industry through its AI vitals measuring module, EZDiags. EZDiags uses AI to measure the patient's vitals by just capturing the picture of the patient. EZDiags is an innovative solution designed to provide healthcare providers with real-time information about a patient's health, helping them make informed decisions about their care.


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