EZShifa’s has designed and developed a comprehensive pregnancy management system called HAWWA.

HAWWA Pregnancy Management System is a technology platform that provides pregnant women remote access to medical care and resources they need during their pregnancies. It allows pregnant mothers to connect with their healthcare providers through video conferencing to receive prenatal and postnatal care.

HAWWA provides a proper ultrasound system to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. It helps in regular prenatal care and checkups, monitoring the growth and development of the fetus, and addressing any potential health issues that may arise during the pregnancy.

A HAWWA telehealth pregnancy management system aims to improve the health and well-being of mothers and their babies by providing convenient, accessible, and comprehensive care throughout pregnancy and beyond.
HAWWA Is Equipped With The Following:
online healthcare

Digital Stethoscope

online doctor

Digital Ultrasound

online consultation

Baby Weight Scale

artificial intelligence
Digital Thermometer
Online Healthcare App

Weight Scale For Mother

Remote healthcare

Pulse Oximeter


BP Apparatus

In addition, HAWWA can be equipped with following optional diagnostic devices.



Derma Scope (For Skin)


Otoscope (For ENT)