EZShifa Partner With Greenstar

Greenstar Social Marketing, established in 1991, is a key player in Pakistan's private development sector, providing essential health services to communities. Over the past 32 years, Greenstar has diversified its services into various health sectors, including family planning, maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, post-abortion care, women's nutritional needs, self-care initiatives, and mental health programs. The organization operates through a hybrid model, collaborating with international organizations and local and international donors to strengthen Pakistan's health systems.


The joint venture between EZShifa and Greenstar aims to establish a sustainable model for primary healthcare, integrating technology, funding, and execution. The venture aims to improve access to quality healthcare services, particularly in underserved areas, and empower women through specialized services, education, and entrepreneurship opportunities. It also aims to enhance pregnancy management systems and implement diagnostics and analytical solutions. We will provide access to advanced medical screening technology and analytics, assist in healthcare solution development, secure funding for healthcare initiatives, oversee project execution, and promote women empowerment programs. Greenstar will provide funding and resources, while EZShifa will contribute its expertise. The allocation of funds and resources will be mutually agreed upon.