EZShifa Partner With Meethi Zindagi

EZShifa is pleased to announce its collaboration with Meethi Zindagi. Meethi Zindagi is a dedicated organization that constantly supports young persons with diabetes to make a meaningful impact on their lives. Combining Meethi Zindagi's dedication to having a good impact and EZShifa's innovative healthcare solutions, this strategic cooperation seeks to provide a complete approach to diabetes treatment.


This collaboration will contribute significantly to the creation of a large social impact by combining EZShifa's widespread network and innovative healthcare solutions with Meethi Zindagi's dedicated efforts in diabetes support. With EZDiags as a technological backbone, the partnership aims to not only address the immediate healthcare needs of young diabetics but also establish a sustainable framework for enhanced diabetes management. Together, EZShifa and Meethi Zindagi are paving the way for a healthier, more empowered future for those affected by diabetes in Pakistan.

In addition to meeting the urgent medical requirements of young people with diabetes, EZShifa and Meethi Zindagi are building the groundwork for a comprehensive, technologically advanced approach to diabetes treatment. This collaboration is a great example of our goal of enhancing lives and creating a better, more empowered future.