EZShifa’s EZClinic is a new idea of modern clinics that provide patients with the most contemporary and state-of-the-art Primary Healthcare Facilities. In addition to the availability of doctors, each clinic is equipped with our state-of-the-art Telehealth Digital Clinic. Its hybrid model ensures that patients get healthcare services around the clock in an alternate setting of direct consultation and remote connection.

EZClinic are another innovative, tech-based healthcare service that we offer with a wide range of coverage options, lowering healthcare costs while also bridging accessibility gaps between different places and demographic groups. Doctors on EZClinics will work in a hybrid setting to give affordable and quality healthcare. Under the framework of EZShifa, public-private partnerships, and technologically aided healthcare systems, we are collaborating on anticipated universal healthcare access at extremely reasonable costs.

EZClinics are a healthcare facility that combines the traditional model of a physical clinic with the convenience and accessibility of telemedicine. These clinics aim to provide patients with the best experience of in-person and remote healthcare with a convenient and accessible healthcare platform.

Some Of The Key Features Of Hybrid Clinics Include The Following:

In-Person Visits

EZClinic allows patients to schedule in-person appointments with healthcare providers, allowing them to receive hands-on physical exams and medical treatments.

Virtual Visits

EZClinic offers remote consultations with doctors when they are unavailable in person. Patients are connected with the doctor and are ideal for follow-up appointments or non-emergency medical concerns.

Electronic Medical Records

EZClinic stores and manages patient health information, providing healthcare providers easy access to a patient's medical history and test results.

Telehealth Services

EZClinic provides telehealth services, such as virtual consultations and remote monitoring, enabling patients to access medical care from any Digital Clinic.

Integrations With Healthcare Technologies

EZClinics are integrated with healthcare technologies, such as telemonitoring devices and telemedicine platforms, to provide a more comprehensive and integrated healthcare experience for patients.

EZShifa has combined the benefits of traditional clinics with the convenience and accessibility of telemedicine to change the whole healthcare system. These clinics are ideal for patients looking for a more convenient, accessible, and personalized healthcare experience and are becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare landscape.